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Junior Infants


The two Junior Infant Classes have begun Aistear . Aistear is the Irish word for a journey .The Girls will learn about different themes each month-each girl will be at  a table /station where they take part in an activity linked to that months theme. They could be at a writing table ,art table, construction(making things),sand/water stations, baking ,small world(creating small world scenes in boxes)or role play .These stations change daily and at the end of the week each class will chat about videos/photos the teacher has taken and might hear a story.

Keep watching the website for more details to follow and make sure to chat about it at home as well!!


This month in Junior Infants, we are learning about Christmas. We will be completing activities based on Christmas and using vocabulary related to this topic. We will be making Christmas trees, designing wrapping paper, creating a nativity scene, building toys in Santa’s workshop, using playdough mats to construct Christmas items with playdough, designing Christmas tree decorations and many other fun activities.

Here is a list of some vocabulary we will be using this month:

Holly, Snowman, Christmas tree, Decorations, Lights, Toys, Fixing, Turkey, Ham, Cake, Bauble, Santa/ Father Christmas, Sleigh, Reindeer, Wreath, Mince pie, Elves, Workshop, Tools, Gift tag, Gingerbread man, Star, Mary, Jesus, Joseph, Wise men, Kings, Bethlehem, Angel, Shepherds, Nativity


This month in Junior Infants, both classes will be focusing on the theme of Toys. We will be discussing different types of toys and talking about our favourite toys to play with. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to complete activities to facilitate discussions using vocabulary related to this theme and encourage them to use imaginative play.

Some of these activities will include making and creating different toys using playdough, making puppets, designing tiaras and teddies, free play with toys, making robots using recyclable materials and boxes and using Lego blocks to design their own toys.
Some of the vocabulary we will be encouraging the children to use: teddy bear, cars, dolls, tea set, blocks, board games, jigsaws, robot, super heroes, skates, roller blades, Play Doh, Cash register, bike, puppets, construction, imagination, battery operated, indoor toys, outdoor toys, computer games, iPad. 



This month in Ms. MacDonald’s class, we are learning all about Outer Space and Halloween.

Outer Space

During Aistear, children have been using vocabulary related to Outer Space at different stations. They have created clay aliens, used recycled materials to make their own rockets, played space matching games and space bingo, used playdough to make objects related to space, made space puppets and designed their own planets. We have learnt about things that astronauts can do in space and the different planets in our Solar System and their characteristics.

Have a look at our school gallery and you will see the activities that the children have taken part in during Aistear and please be sure to talk to your daughter about the activities she has completed. There are plenty more pictures to come! Here is a list of some of the vocabulary we have been using:

Stars, Alien, Astronaut,Telescope, Asteroid, Space shuttle, Satellite, Flames, Rocket, UFO, Helmet, Astronomer, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon

When we are learning about Halloween, we will be doing activities at different stations to learn about this theme. We will be creating Halloween art, using role-play clothes to dress up for Halloween, playing Halloween bingo and designing Halloween costumes.  Check for an update on the school gallery to see pictures of our Halloween Aistear activities! Here is a list of some vocabulary we will be using during our Halloween theme:

Dress up, Trick or treat ,Spooky, Pumpkin, Decorations, Sweets, Party games, Costumes, Witch, Cauldron, Black cat, Broom stick, Bonfire Fireworks, Autumn

Mrs Flood’s Junior Infant Blog

Have a look at our school gallery and you will see the activities that the children have taken part in during Aistear

During the month of September the girls began Aistear –the theme was Autumn.

Vocabulary consisted of some of the following

leaves, falling down, deciduous, evergreen, hibernate, tree, branch, cold, squirrel, hedgehog, colder, September, October, December .

The girls played Autumn Bingo,snap,made Playdough,made clay hedgehogs,coloured Autumn themed sheets among many other activities.They are now fully versed into workings of stations at Aistear time.


During October the girls will cover three themes-Space, Clothes and Halloween.

Space – Vocabulary-

 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, orbit, alien, space shuttle etc.

They played making rockets, space shuttles, designing aliens, playing with playdough, space counting games


shirt, dress, jumper, cardigan, top, blouse, trousers, skirt, tights, pinafore, shoes, boots, coat, hat, cap, gloves 

Games-fabric and fibre dolls,dolls to dress,clothes themed playdough mats,colouring sheets,clothes bingo and snap and activities based on the Smartest Giant in Town story.

Halloween Vocabulary-witch, wizard, spell, cauldron, pot, spider, potion, broomstick, black cat, pumpkin, haunted house, spooky,etc.

Activities-The girls will make witches, Halloween trick or treat bags, spiders webs, pumpkin art, Halloween playdough mats and activities based on the Room on the Broom story.

Make sure to chat to the girls all about the fun things they have been doing and use that vocabulary!!!



Together We Learn, Together We Succeed!