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Green School

Scoil Phádraic Cailíní has the distinction of being the first school in North County Dublin to be awarded a Green Flag. We have since been successful in obtaining several more flags culminating in 2016 when we were awarded the International flag for Global Citizenship.

What is a Green School?

Green-Schools is an International environmental education programme, designed to promote and acknowledge whole school action for the environment. Green-Schools offer a well-defined, controllable way to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day to day running of a school. This process helps students to recognise the importance of environmental issues and to incorporate them into their everyday lives.

Things we do

We look after our school environment
We re-use reduce and recycle
We try to save water, electricity and energy

Why do we do it? Because there is no Planet B!

Look how long it takes for these items of rubbish to break down!


We walk to school if we can. We encourage pupils (and staff!) to participate in WOW (walk on Wednesdays) by walking, cycling or scooting to school. We also try to use public transport or car pool.



Beach Clean-up

We are very proud of our local beaches in Donabate and Portrane. Every year we participate in a beach clean up to help our beaches get a Blue Flag.