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Our Team

Our Team

At present we have approximately 410 pupils and a teaching staff of 21 which includes classroom teachers and our team of learning support teachers. Our 5 Special Needs Assistants support the inclusion of children with additional care needs. We are supported in we do by our wonderful administrators, Siobhan and Marelda, and our friendly caretaker, Richard.

Back row: Catherine McGee, Katie English, Leone McEvoy Meechan, Gail McNamara, Aisling Dwyer, Clodagh Manning, Úna Walsh, Ashling McGreevy, Ann Horan, Emer Manton, Richard Beveridge, Anne Bermingham, Karena O'Sullivan

Front row: Roslyn MacDonald, Susan Elliffe, Isabelle Dunne, Danae Flood, Ciara Greene, Michelle Barry, Katie Kennedy, Emer Flood, Mairia Kenny, Jennie Standford, Sinéad Freeney

Staff 2023-2024

Principal: Ciara Greene

Deputy Principal: Michelle Barry

In-School Management Team

  • Catherine McGee
  • Tracy McGrath
  • Anne Bermingham
  • Anne O’Reilly
  • Leone McEvoy Meechan


Class Teachers:

Our Infant Team

Ms Dwyer, Ms Freeney, Ms Kennedy and Mrs Flood

Junior Infants: Ms Dwyer & Ms Freeney

Senior Infants: Ms Kennedy & Mrs Flood


Our First/Second Class Team

Ms O'Sullivan, Ms Bermingham, Ms Horan & Ms Dunne


First Class: Ms Horan & Ms Dunne

Second Class: Ms O'Sullivan & Ms Bermingham


Our Third/Fourth Class Team

Ms Walsh, Ms English, Ms McGee & Ms Flood

Third Class: Ms McGee & Ms English

Fourth Class: Ms Walsh & Ms Flood


Our Fifth/Sixth Class Team

Ms Manning, Ms Fuller, Ms McNamara & Ms MacDonald

Fifth Class: Ms Fuller & Ms McNamara/Ms McGrath

Sixth Class: Ms MacDonald & Ms Manning


Our SNA Team:

Jennie Stanford, Ashling McGreevy, Mairia Kenny & Emer Manton


Jennie Stanford

Mairia Kenny

Emer Manton

Ashling McGreevy

Clodagh McAllister


Learning Support Team

Ms Elliffe, Ms Barry & Ms McEvoy Meechan

Learning Support Team: Ms Elliffe, Ms Barry, Ms McEvoy-Meechan/Ms Feehan, Ms O'Reilly


Auxiliary Staff

Siobhán Frawley & Richard Beveridge

Administrators: Ms Siobhán & Ms Marelda

Caretaker: Mr. Richard