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Culture Day 2019

Thursday 14th March will be our third culture Day. The theme for this year is ‘Mother Tongues’ – languages we use in our wider school family.

We celebrate our Irish mother tongue and those of all other countries represented in our school community.

The focus is on language this year as part of our on-going development of Gaeilge and English.

Events during Culture Day:

  • Pupils come to school dressed in colours or costumes of a culture or country represented in their family.
  • There will be a live performance of Comhaltas musicians lasting approximately one hour for all pupils
  • An active ‘Speaking Italian’ lesson taught by Gessica de Angelis Vezzosi
  • There will be visits from parents representing a different country to each class
  • There will be a variety of fun classroom-based activities including language puzzles and exploring speaking different languages


Together We Learn, Together We Succeed!