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Working Remotely but Learning Together

Dear Parents,
While we cannot be together with the children at this time we are very much together on this journey of remote learning.
Some of our senior girls are learning under the guidance of their teachers on Google Classroom while the rest of our girls are actively learning on the online platform Seesaw. We have also included both whole class and group Zoom sessions during this time. The teachers are delighted with the great work that the girls are submitting and with their feedback during the Zoom sessions.
We are building in wellbeing lessons as well as opportunity for social contact with classmates not to mention some fun incentives to keep everyone motivated.
We are looking forward to the day when we can reopen and welcome all the children back to school. In the meantime, please contact the class teacher through Seesaw/Google Classroom or the school office through our email We are here ready to support you.
Best wishes,
Ciara Greene

Together We Learn, Together We Succeed!