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School Anthem

This is our School Song

Chorus: This is our school. Let peace be found here
May the rooms be full of happiness
Let love abide, Love for one another
The love of life itself…ooooh…..and the love of God

Everybody knows that many hands are needed
If you want to build a house
But to build a good school there’s a very simple rule
What you need isn’t hands but hearts
So Lord a blessing we ask of you


Everyone is special and everyone’s important
In St Patrick’s School
Doesn’t matter at all if you’re big or small
Being fair to each other, that,s the rule
So Lord, a blessing we ask of you


Just like a river flowing into an ocean
We are flowing into God
So let Peace be the way as we live and work today
As we wander the tracks you have trod
So Lord, a blessing we ask of you


Together We Learn, Together We Succeed!